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Think and act like a pro!

Act like a pro!

You can make it!

Everybody knows by now that it is possible to make a lot of money every day trading price fluctuations on the major foreign currencies like the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the British Pound and the Swiss Franc. Is it easy? Of course not!

One thing is sure: the global foreign currencies market (FOREX) can be a real money making machine for anyone willing to learn how to use technical analysis to enter and exit the market at the right time. Once understood and mastered, technical analysis becomes fun and even easy to apply!

However, there is one condition to follow: to succeed in trading foreign curencies, you "definitely have to" know what technical analysis strategies to use in order to put the odds of profits in your favor on each and every trade you take. And that's exactly where Michel Julien is commited to help you.

Straight to the point course content.

Learn how to use profitable FX strategies!

Learn how to use profitable FX strategies!

The Forex trading techniques that Michel Julien teaches you are unique and innovative. They focus on maximising your profits as much as on reducing your overall risk to protect your equity.

With him, you learn down-to-earth recipes to take profitable trades day after day. No hype, no superfluous theoritical stuff. Just plain professional Forex trading techniques and nothing else.

Cost: $1995 US for 3 days including the workshop's handbook with charts and illustrations (250 pages), a sophisticated charting software program and the 12-month online post-training support from Michel Julien.

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ProfiTrade FX offers you a 3-day Forex trading workshop designed to enable you to:

1. master the most efficient and up to date technical analysis tools used on the Forex today;

2. use the indicators and oscillators that have been thoroughly tested for the currencies market;

3. create your own trading system (or use one of the 5 trading systems that M. Julien will explain in full details during the workshop);

4. apply the essential money management techniques necessary to reduce your risk to a minimum;

5. get a free real-time Forex data connection along with an ultra-powerful technical analysis software program.

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