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Improve your trading results immediately!

1 on 1 coaching during trading hours is exactly what its name indicates: Michel Julien and you work together live in a real trading environment according to a training program designed with YOUR needs in mind.

Using web-based videoconference, telephone and instant messaging, Michel Julien will transform your trading style by showing you advanced techniques which will have an immediate effect on your trading results. Guaranteed!

Officially, you work together for 5 hours online during trading hours. But, in reality, Michel Julien is committed to work with you for as long as you are not a profitable trader. You have his word!

During this coaching session, Michel Julien becomes your mentor and your personal coach. His mission: to improve your trading results in a spectacular way.

Benefits of 1 on 1 coaching:

  1. Don't have a trading system? You will have one now.

  2. Don't have enough discipline? You will have some now.

  3. Don't have enough money? Of course you do!

For more details on a possible coaching schedule for you or to obtain an outline of your training plan, send Michel Julien an email.

Cost: $850 US for a 5-hour block (you will earn back more than this amount during the first month, promised!)

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Get yourself a coach!

For individuals with a little more trading experience on the Forex market, a private coaching session face to face with a professional like Michel Julien can be a real eye-opener...

Improve your trading results immediately!

... and lead to immediate improvement of your trading results on the Forex market!

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