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Who is Michel Julien?

Michel Julien - professional Forex trader since 1998

Michel Julien

Behind ProfiTrade FX, there is Michel Julien, a professional trader (full-time) that's been active on the financial markets since 1987. A technical analysis specialist, Michel Julien has been able to develop, over the years, a number of very profitable systems to trade foreign currencies.

When applied on a constant basis with discipline, his methods produce on average an 80% winning trades record. Click here to look at a recent sample of his Forex trading results.

Author of the book: "How to become a professional Forex market trader" and a frequent contributor to Forex oriented websites like FXStreet.com and Forexproworld.com, Michel Julien says: "The trading techniques that I teach are unique and innovative. They focus on maximising your profits as much as on reducing your overall risk to protect your equity".

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